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Grammy-nominated artist Ted Nash
enjoys an extraordinary career as a performer, conductor, composer, arranger and educator. Born in Los Angeles into a musical family (his father, Dick Nash, and uncle, the late Ted Nash, were both well-known jazz and studio musicians), Nash blossomed early, a “young lion” before the term became marketing vernacular. Nash has that uncanny ability to mix freedom with accessibility, blues with intellect, and risk-taking with clarity. Many of Nash’s recordings have received critical acclaim, appearing on the “best-of” lists in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Village Voice, and The Boston Globe. His album Portrait in Seven Shades was recorded by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and was released in 2010. The album is the first composition released by the JLCO featuring original music by a band member other than bandleader Wynton Marsalis. The recording garnered two Grammy nominations. 

Recent Blog

Taking music to new altitudes
Colorado is like a planet of its own. The air is thinner, the trees are greener, the people are nicer. It makes anything you do feel like you are doing it in some otherworldly place. Like you’ve passed through the Looking Glass.

The first few days of our “Blue Engine” tour took place in this idyllic state, starting off with Breckenridge, which, at 9,600 feet elevation is like base camp to Everest. Climbers usually have a few weeks to acclimate, but we jumped right in, playing a full concert the day we arrived.

Ted Nash uses reeds and mouthpieces.



Upcoming Performances

June 12-13 - JLCO at Rose Hall (NYC)
June 22-27-
Residency in Monterey, CA
July 6-17 -
JLCO tour (US)
July 18 -
JLCO in Caramoor
July 20-Aug 2 -
Teaching residency in Castleton, VA
Aug 7-9 -
Ted Nash Quintet at Dizzy’s (NYC)
Aug 26-29 -
JLCO residency in Cleveland, OH

Chakra CD Cover
Following the success of his previous big band album, Portrait in Seven Shades (garnering two GRAMMY nominations), Ted brings a new vision and creative expression to his latest recording, Chakra.

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Ted Nash plays

Berkeley flutes.