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Grammy-Winning Saxophonist and Composer


The Sax Section; Vol. III, Basic Woodwinds

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In this book I share thirteen scenarios in which saxophone doublers might find themselves in the course of playing in a big band. In these scores you will find parts for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones; clarinet and bass clarinet; and alto and C flutes. (The piccolo is being saved for volume IV.)

These excerpts are from actual big band arrangements I have written, mostly for the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. “Volume III, Basic Woodwinds” is less technically demanding than “Vol. IV, Advanced Woodwinds”, but still challenging in many ways as you will need to phrase and blend well, play in tune, produce a good sound, play in different styles, and find delicacy and nuance. Practicing these parts many times will help you become a better player and prepare you for the real world of doubling, a world that can give you much joy and stability in this competitive musical world.

This book is also a great tool for those who are expanding their arranging language by bringing in the wonderful colors and textures of the woodwinds. I’ve included a score with all the parts so you can study them. I encourage you to sit at the piano and read through the voicings, listen to the overtones, study the ranges of the instruments and listen to the full-section recordings I have made.

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