“Nash has that kind of instantly identifiable talent that makes the distracted pay attention.”
Time Out Magazine

“Excellence in jazz is all about the freedom to musically explore with an open mind and heart to ultimately find one’s voice…Ted Nash achieves that plateau of performance.”
-Billboard Magazine

“Nash is the most compelling soloist — bracingly melodic while keenly aware of harmonic possibilities.”
-Village Voice

“Neither a poster boy for the avant-garde nor a blinders-on traditionalist, Nash is simply his own man.”
-Washington Post

“Nash is one of the most together saxophonists of his generation.”
-Downbeat Magazine

“Nash earns his place among jazz’s elite…”
-Ottawa Citizen

“Ultimately, that’s the triumph of Nash’s music: not that it bridges the gap but that it occupies its own space.”
-Jazz Times

“Even when he roughens his tone and leaps up and down unorthodox intervals, he maintains a captivating lyricism.”
-Doug Ramsey, Arts Journal

“His sound is distinctive, deep, rich and colorful. He’s able to use his sound to incorporate a unique expressive quality.”
-Rick Holland, Jazz Radio 24-7

“Nash plays alto sax with a beauty of tone that I have not heard in many moons.”

“Saxophonist Nash is one of jazz’s rising stars….”
-Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

“Here’s a musician who will attract the new fans of jazz, while knocking the ears off those who’ve been listening to jazz all their lives.”

“Rejoice with the world in his talent.”
-John Williams, film composer

“Nash attempts to ignore what he’s learned and what he knows to play naturally. Quite a feat…and the true spirit of jazz.”
-All About Jazz

“When he blows some jazz, he lays it down as right as all the adjectives Lord Buckley could string together in one breath when talking about the infinity riff.”
-Midwest Record

“Nash is a first-class saxophonist.”
-Village Voice

“Nash shows that technical brilliance and innovative indulgence only describe one side of jazz expression; beauty and delicacy are on the other.”
-Japan Times

“Nash fills his solos with ideas rather than rote lines; he’s a consistently thoughtful player who bulks up his melodic statements with controlled passion.”
-Washington Post

“The honesty of Nash and his quintet’s feeling and intent is paramount and unmistakable.”
-All About Jazz

“You say jazz is having trouble these days finding a creative focus? Don’t believe it. Go to the Jazz Bakery tonight to hear saxophonist Ted Nash’s marvelous group Odeon, and any doubts will quickly be dispelled.”
-L.A. Times

“Nash is a compelling leader: his robust tenor runs are invigorating, his writing stimulating.”
-All About Jazz

“After seeing the jazz visionary in action, I can say that Nash’s music is delivered with a quiet confidence that reveals his playful sense of humor.”
-The Spokesman-Recorder

“Nash favors a sleek tone, lean ensemble lines layered over swinging rhythms, broad and sly stylistic references and a compelling marriage of brainy ideas and rootsy emotions.”
-Detroit Free Press

“Nash is a confident and quirky soloist who finds interesting spaces within the strong melodies and swinging, straight-ahead rhythms he has written.”
-The Sacramento Bee

“Like few others in contemporary music, Ted Nash thrives on combining disparate styles into an enticing whole that is never quite what it seems.”
-San Diego Union-Tribune

“Nash would take the prize for impassioned, edgy playing that mixed old and new sounds…Nash nearly stole the evening by brilliantly splitting the difference between bop style abstraction and swing melodicism.”
-New York Post

“When Nash’s composition Sisters ended, the audience stood and applauded as if they would stand there all night…”
-Santa Barbara News-Press

“Ted Nash’s show-closer, Sisters, was the piece that best embraced the  state of modern big band thinking.”
-Santa Barbara Independent