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Grammy-Winning Saxophonist and Composer


Live at Dizzy's (LP)

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Live at Dizzy's (Plastic Sax)

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Two-time Grammy winning composer and saxophonist Ted Nash releases his first live recording in over 25 years. Known for his acclaimed works (Presidential Suite, Chakra, Portrait in Seven Shades) this much-anticipated release provides an opportunity for Nash to share his improvisational side. His inspired solos are impassioned and interactive. On this album he finds new areas of expression that will excite and move you. In Nash’s own words:

“These three nights at Dizzy’s were electric for me. I think you’ll hear in it the combination of great players, with history letting loose on music that has grown with me over the course of my career. On this album we share not just a night of music but the history of collaboration. This performance was also a chance to revisit a couple original compositions in an entirely new context, and re-explore music by some of my favorite composers.” Ted Nash

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